HyperParameter Optimization

seqlearner.EmbeddingHyperOptimization.optmize(embedding, sequence_datapath)

Hyper-parameter optimization for an embedding method implementation method. You can specify the embedding method to function optimize and the best choice for parameters. The optimize function takes the following arguments:


  • embedding: String, Embedding method which its hyper-parameters are going to be optimized
  • sequence_datapath: String, sequences file path

The optmize function returns a dictionary of hyperparamters and their best value for the corresponding hyperparameters.

Example: Hyperparameter optimization for Freq2Vec

from seqlearner import EmbeddingHyperOptimization as eho
labeled_path = "../data/labeled.csv"
unlabeled_path = "../data/unlabeled.csv"
best_parameters = eho.optimize(embedding="freq2vec")

This will print the dictionary of best values for each hyper-parameter attending in Freq2Vec embedding method.

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